No Hard Feelings by Paul Eluard – translated by Nancy Kline

by Steven McCabe

dddd-swarmed temple

Tears in the eyes, the sorrows of the sorrowful,

Dull sorrows, dreary tears.

He asks for nothing, he isn’t unfeeling,

He’s sad in prison and sad if he’s free.


The weather is sad, the night so black

You wouldn’t put a blindman out. The strong

Are sitting, the weak hold power

And the king stands near the seated queen.

Smiles and sighs, insults grow rotten

In the mouths of mutes and the eyes of cowards.

Think nothing of it: this burns, that blazes!

Your hands fit in your pockets and against your brow.


A shadow…

All the bad luck in the world

And my love above it

Like a naked beast.

warmed temple

Capital of Pain, Black Widow Press, 2006

translated by Mary Ann Caws, Patricia Terry, Nancy Kline

originally published 1926.