Winter by Linda Woolven

by Steven McCabe

winter one lw


smudge the countryside

in winter blue and purple.

winter two lw

winter ten lwwinter ten lw

As shadows steal

the winter white.

winter six lw

Tree limbs

gloved in frosting,

its ice crystals


tiny life

to sleep.

winter seven lwwinter seven lw

winter four lw

 So tender

the moon

grazes silver reflections

of a long winter day.

winter eight lw

winter five lw

Ending in cold

formless words

wandering the night

and winter dreams.

winter eight lw winter eight lw

winter eleven lw

Linda Woolven lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a published poet, painter  ( and natural health author with a private practice.  

winter seven lw

winter eight lw
 felt like I was walking on a frozen night across snow while doing the images for this poem, and hoping I didn’t wake anybody up. The night was that perfect.