Crown Island by Catherine Graham

by Steven McCabe

crown island 1
I am surrounded by Crown Island,

a weave of rock and sand; the waves

lap against me, sizzling white strings.

crown island aa

On my head sits the appointed crown,

stapled and fastened, now part of my mind.

My earrings of polished tin

crown island eewing

take in the sun, moon, rain.

Each mirrored wave of a wave under water.

Someone must see to the world below.

the k

I ask the sky. I flash at the Northern Lights,

twisting their capes like kaleidoscopes.

Black clouds cloud the black.

wing newtotemic

I shovel up the sea to check beneath the blue.

I’m looking for white wounds.

The cold is quick. Quick, enter me.

L the

after “Ice Maiden” by Dorothy Molloy


from Her Red Hair Rises with the Wings of Insects, Wolsak & Wynn

crown island cc

Author of five poetry collections, Catherine Graham teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

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