Snowing Lightly & I am Looking for Pyramids in the Street

by Steven McCabe


Clearly the street sign is warning me about pyramids ahead.


Maybe around the corner. By the school or the park.

magic world?

My neighbours say no. This is about speed bumps.

neighbours 2?

It’s simply a way of saying go slow. Drive slowly.


My neighbours tend to minimize everything.

her with stars?

I think this time they are wrong.

blue night?

They say I have no idea what they saw driving up here tonight.


That I have no idea what they have been through.

ice pyramids?

That in the short time I have left I need to be more open to the experiences of others.

old photo?

I said ‘What?’


In the public domain photos of Wikipedia Commons I found a link to images of cultural expression in Finland following World War 2: