Espresso at 4:30 am

by Steven McCabe

Finish literary grant application and submit by the deadline. Keep going. The 3-person drawing collective I’m part of creates (print on demand) Hypnogogia Book One & Two and we apply to go into TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) online this year. We are accepted but need five books to sell. So now we each create a book. Mine is very nearly done.

My book is about a conversation that led to a dream of a girl on a bus, then a poem about the girl in the dream (who I last saw in 4th grade), and finally a letter to her now. Her name was Donna. For the poem she became Dona of the Mountains. Suddenly I remember Fairuz, the great Lebanese singer (now 85), and her funk masterpiece Al Bosta, in part about a bus journey, recorded in Greece in 1979. Was the journey in the mountains? Perhaps.


 Dona of the Mountains info: