12/12/21 – 1/2/22 equals 21 days & All Best to You!

by Steven McCabe

Update: I spent the last three days editing (in ‘real time’ on this blog) the poem that started as Ventilator, changed to Starlight, and ended up as Conversation With a Tree. I have a bad habit of posting first drafts then editing over the next few days.

Update: On June 2, 2021 I posted this: https://poemimage.com/category/x-steven-mccabe-1-10-complete-by-one-unit-of-measurement/

I was at that early point 1/10th complete painting a 33′ X 5′ roll of Italian mixed-media paper working left to right.

Today I am 75% complete. Gouache, watercolour, inks, water-soluble graphite crayon. Blues, whites, shades of black. Working title: Druidica Blue – Deja Vu. The themes of this painting carry great meaning for me.

I see light at the end of the tunnel. Soon 80% complete.

A slew of other things also require my attention.

I wish you well over the Solstice, Christmas and Hanukkah season. If I’ve missed your religious experience forgive me. I look forward to your postings when I return.

All best to you!