Slowly, Slowly, Like the Turtle Winning the Race

by Steven McCabe

It is finished. Druidica is 33′ X 5.’

April/May, 21 – February, 22.

Druidica by Steven McCabe, 2022, W:33′ X H:5′ mixed media on paper

The title Druidica references the theme of the work. I considered calling the work Druidica Blue: Deja Vu or Druidica Blue – Deja Vu: Cave Art for the New Psyche.

The final section is dream-like with shape-shifting and a sense of the unknown permeating the visible.

Please excuse my iPhone 7 camera. For now this is the best I can do. The colours are far richer in person.

She seems medieval with her eyes looking sideways.
I need to brush away that watercolour-pencil shaving.
See the bird? The Druid with a divining rod?
This sun-fossil is actually from the section before the last.


I will promote this work shortly. iPhone photos will do for now.

Photograph top to bottom with details from each section.

Write up a short statement. And email the document

to curators, museums, art gallery departments, etc…

I almost forgot, there is a second Druid:

2nd Druid with a divining rod.

If you have any specific ideas re my plan please let me know:

Thank you for reading and viewing.

My great-grandfather hailed from Tallanstown, County Louth, Ireland.

I thought of him while working on this.

I never met him.