Beulah Hill: Slideshow. by Michael Gallagher


Crescent Moon hangs loose from sparkling Venus,

Blinking satellite hobbles through cobalt sky,


City silhouettes haunt low horizon,

bright moon

On a garden bench, frozen crystals

Reflect the hidden stars,


Robin song greets nascent dawn,


Chimney crow steals dregs

Of last night’s heat.


Sudden gust stirs the stillness,


Threads the willows dangling tresses,


Scrapes the bones of a dying oak

And drives snow-clouds over

Croydon Town.


Mike Gallagher’s collection ‘Stick on Stone’ is published by Revival Press. His poetry has been published worldwide and translated into Croatian, Japanese, Dutch, German and Chinese.

new pi

Before deciding to address Beulah Hill: Slideshow. I had been creating images of an eBook Reader in the future, discovered as temperatures shifted, revealing a poem covered with soil and frost & still mysteriously visible. I decided to adapt those visuals and, befitting the poem, layer earth-tones with space images from the NASA Goddard Photo and Video files @ Wikipedia Commons.