Exercise 8 (or On Longing) by Pierre L’Abbé in response to Plein verre, Pierre Reverdy, (May 1940)


As I walk the corners of the line square

line square

29end of the line

 I realize there is somewhere “I might live

that is already lost to me”

deep sea face

It may lie outside this plane


On days when my heart circumscribes the straight

wall line

On days when my heart precedes me

circumnavigating the straight


 It is the celebration of this summer

on the lateral


 while my body an orifice drinking through winter


so I go my heart before me

possessing it

small glow

and suckle on the end of the line

that divides me from myself

too often

 where if only I were to make it to the end of this line

before the line


so would I watch its own application

evaporate as it goes before me

curling itself into flat spheres that are these points

of line for to be always


before me



face and circle

I know where I am and where this place is

that may allow me to be


It is of course the journey of the line

that joins them to me

that is unknown


It is. It is that it eludes me

were that all my longing would resolve into joy

were it a path to be found


Pierre L’Abbé has translated Pierre Reverdy and is currently responding to Reverdy’s poetry.

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