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When the ice melts all at once…

One operates in black & white (without chiaroscuro)

When the ice melts all at once…

One documents an operation of the psyche

When the ice melts all at once…

One experiences the falling apart gather speed

When the ice melts all at once…

One experiences psyche igniting catharsis

Documented previously HOW?

When the ice melts all at once…

Ice laughter shines like silver

delicately brutal

full as the moon

delivering a blanket of shadowy


One believes they have documented catharsis when in fact catharsis is about to rear its head. Puzzling.
Exhibition late 2011
poetry video shown at exhibition

Detail from a painting completed a decade after this exhibition.

Night Falls

You paint your eyes with infinity

I am becoming a tree

The age difference visible for all to see.

Finite wood struggles in the human heart

Radiating rings enclose the wooden heart

Flowers of infinity bloom

Night falls as it must.

You paint your eyes with springtime at midnight beneath the radiating moon

Flowers of infinity bloom.

I aim for the centre of the human heart

For I am now a tree

For now I am a tree

The age difference visible for all to see.

Which way to the bread line? The mountain is a machine. The animals are leaving Rome. Tell the Pharaoh nothing (I must have been thinking about the current situation – whatever it is).

I accidentally created a B&W version of this GIF which doesn’t register the text (not enough contrast) so there are blank spaces which is ‘sort of’ interesting in terms of future considerations.

When the Abstract Expressionists

When the Abstract Expressionists

went to the moon

and discovered

the Expressionists

had left an egg

rolling to a standstill

for them to discover.




The egg comes from a painting of mine.

The bird imagery comes from digital experimentation.

The idea about the Abstract Expressionists

and Expressionists

and moon travel (involving an egg)

came in a humorous flash.

(unborn spirit)

Glide like an arrow into moonlight flickering the orioles’ ruffled wing


Orioles chanting obsidian prayers conceal the dragon’s stolen egg


Narwhals enchant the solemn egg, vines slither into a moaning abyss


Zebras stampede the abyss pursuing drumbeats of a curvilinear root


Apricots wish upon the pulsing root beseeching Horsemen of the Apocalypse

(Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Horsemen of the Apocalypse perfumed by oil rising within eyeball-shaped flesh wounds


Oil drips into flames shimmering in copper saucers illumining infinity


Lemmings howl dragging the dark matter of infinity

(dark matter)

Dark matter radiates obediently, obsidian and translucently, imprisoning sunshine


Glide upon footholds of dark matter buried within illumining sunshine, deliver your flickering unborn spirit

(unborn spirit)

Mirror Mirrors

Moon Tree Calligraphy


flightpath is a cinematic video-poem featuring the art of Tehran artist Shirin Pilehvari in contrast with pristine, old-growth forest in Limehouse, Ontario. My function was writer (poet) & director. Please note full credits in the video and on my YouTube channel for a list of creative collaborators in visual art, music, poetry, narration, translation and editing.

Our core team included Eric Gerrard (camera) and Konrad Skreta (audio and video editing). We created seven video poems between 2009-2013.

In 2020 Konrad Skreta and I collaborated on a 32 minute video poem featuring his experimental animation of my digital collages (and poetry).

Elsewhere, the Poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

In corridors


a shadow-mansion,

once well-known,


summon an alchemical star.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting subterranean architecture of poetry.

The haystack-man

within my obsidian-heart

longs for the once well-known

song of the silver bird.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting original colour wheel of poetry.

Oceanic echoes

vibrate between stalactites.

The silver bird chants subterranean poetry


upon an enormous iron wheel.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting physiology of poetry.

Nimble obsidian-animals climb

a half-visible clock-tower

buried in night-coloured shadow.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting geological formations of poetry.


pulsing hearts moist as roots,

prowl the corridors.

A vase tips

dried flowers scatter across a night-coloured carpet.

The seahorse-ghost of my cubistic, star-like obsidian heart

envelops the buried clock-tower.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting vast agriculture of poetry.

Haystack-man nimble as a shadow-animal

swims within buoyant

star-like dimensions,

climbs an enormous staircase

enters an unlocked door.

His feet rise above tar-night shadow

skipping iike a child.

Elsewhere, the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

chanting the infinite mansions of poetry.

I wrote a short poem this morning in homage to Marina Tsvetaeva. The poem was spontaneous. A lifetime entered that quicksilver moment. I have revisited the poem and edited.

Wherever you are Marina, I accept your verdict.

Last night I read selections from Marina Tsvetaeva’s Art in the Light of Conscience: Eight Essays on Poetry (translated by Angela Livingstone).

‘Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941) was one of the four great Russian poets of the 20th century, along with Akhmatova, Mandelstam and Pasternak.’ 

‘For me, there are no essays on poetry as unique, as profound, as passionate, as inspiring as these. “Art, a series of answers for which there are no questions,” Tsvetaeva brilliantly asserts, and then goes on to ask questions we didn’t know existed until she offered them to us, and answers to some of poetry’s most enduring mysteries.’

– C.K. Williams 

Mother in Her Rare Blue Shroud

Mother envelops children  

Sideways roll, forward roll, tilt back

Father leading golden animal 

Beneath the obsidian ceremonial archway

Gift of bread

Gift of water

Caravan single file behind golden animal

Golden animal envelops dream

Dream envelops form

Mother in her rare blue shroud

One star rolling above

the obsidian ceremonial archway.

Painting: Mother, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 9″ X 12″