Every Day A Bucket Goes Through the World and We Were By the Pool

earthbook 123

I wondered about all the ways a bucket

Could go through the world:


Metaphorically, Emotionally, Politically, Sexually.



And I wondered about the actions of the process:

Drilling, Lulling, Hypnotizing.

Seducing, Elucidating, Revealing.



To what outcome I asked myself:

In what shape of hole or chasm

Does the bottom fall out?

some kind og

Is negative space the new positive?

double bucket book

Does the bucket absorb the shape of the earth

And lose itself,

 Once or forever?

yellow bird

I asked myself these questions and meditated upon the possible answers.

No I didn’t.

one day

We were at a pool and the girl I liked was on a towel next to me,

And when I said I loved the Bob Marley song

Coming over the loudspeakers

She said she hated it.

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