book of mirrors

Curving a slow corner

twin eyes

You pass through

your own



Your mirror image

original spiral ink

Picking up speed


Speaking in code

face 3

ghost crest

 Spirit animals

beneath the northern lights

drag what has fallen

meter bird spirits


and flung



A spherical puzzle

delivered you


Does the wind agree

sky pieced

new bird meter


I was reflecting on personal things with this post. Changes, new directions, letting the past go, that sort of thing. There was no poem to begin with simply ideas & words I’ve been thinking about.


My attraction to twinning these two images was in discovering similar design motifs. A centre circular repetition. The lines on the sides of the meter resembling folded wings. The art deco, industrial perfect for a prison design of the meter contrasted with the wild bird hemmed in by a border & religious orthodoxy.

Although I suspect the early illuminators of manuscripts had druidic sensibilities and conveyed within their images the beauty of pagan relationships with the earth I can’t find anything similar to say about the parking meter. Although it does have a certain Dracula’s Castle type charm.

The parking meter imposed order upon free space. We might even say ‘wild’ spaces occurring in a common setting if we want to draw an analogy with pagan spirituality being ‘tamed.’


The first parking meter in the United States was installed in 1935

(during the Great Depression & dust storms)

in Oklahoma City.


The Book of Dimma is an 8th century Irish illuminated manuscript now

housed in Trinity College, Dublin

featuring the symbol of an eagle


John the Evangelist.