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A bit more, a bit more, soon finished.

A 33′ X 5′ painting on Fabriano mixed-media paper, a soft yet substantial texture.

Inks, water-soluble graphite, gouache, watercolour, watercolour pencil.

Mostly materials used for smaller works and yet here we are.

Blues. Druidic blue. Pictish Blue.

It came to me – how to complete this work. Soon the final section.

In progress:

A medieval hedgehog decides my painting shall become an illuminated manuscript
The original plan was to use hundreds of sketches (such as the ink drawings above) but it didn’t work out that way.
Soon I will deal with the final 36.”
How quickly everything looks like the scene of an earthquake!
Many hours crawling on the floor since April, 2021.

GIF Experiments: 22 (The Charge of the Light Brigade)

Although the title in the GIF looks like a book and the GIF looks like a book trailer it’s not. However I created poetic text after the fact.


The Light Brigade

As in

Let There Be Light.


The mechanics of charging light.

Witness traction activate

Clouds of unknowing known

As muscled determination.

The mechanical opposite to A sucker born every minute.

Touch your tongue to the tent of your mouth. Announce


Pronounce light

As in

Let There Be Light.


Notes on the GIF: Intimations of Runic script transform into curvilinear vegetal design indicating a charging beast. It happened visually by itself (so to speak) during the design process.

Finding ‘his’ footing. Gaining traction. The irony of a ‘massive’ beast doing double-duty as charging light. Charging like flashlight beams in a force field? Surely he is not disembodied.

This GIF ponders our pressing situation, universal as it is, and the question of something, anything, out of the blue in reply.