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GIF Experiments: 21 (Crossing Timelines in the Imagination)

The Augustinian Francesco Petrarch travels backwards into the Dark Ages and witnesses President John Kennedy trying to calm Lyndon Johnson. Kennedy senses the unknown. The King of Naples in 1341 appoints Francesco Petrarch Poet Laureate. His sonnets, some say, become the model for lyrical poetry. He writes a book of imaginary letters to Saint Augustine. He writes about this experience. Kennedy considers the known and the unknown.

No martyr is among ye now
Whom you can call your own
So go on your way accordingly
But know you’re not alone

from I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine by Bob Dylan

I wasn’t able to find the name of the artist (painter) or photographer. In any case I do not claim copyright for the images used for non-commercial purposes of commentary and refashioning new art works.

GIF Experiments: 12 (Creating digital images from ancient sources to accompany related text)

I adapted the sort of art & design nobody signed their name to for the digital collages in this GIF: book covers and a couple B&W illustrations exploring ancient/antiquarian themes & styles. These digital collages are a ‘mash-up’ (remember that term?) and thus, one could say, new works. I continue creating GIFS using vignettes, or anecdotes, from my December, 2019 literary non-fiction book Meme-Noir.

The vignette here is, I suppose, something that happens when the body creates a metaphor or connects to memory in DNA. It relates to the feeling of the images I worked with.

This is a GIF because it is created in a GIF format but it is inordinately long, almost two minutes, with a huge image file. I will create smaller, more ‘traditional’ GIFS from this group of images.


Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie

personal beauty and charm joseph beuys edition

I wrote a line about beauty being the beginning of silence

a pyramid of soundlessness above a white bed

classic beauty page two

An intuitive synchronicity guided me

as I arranged unrelated

photographs of Joseph Beuys with a book from the 50s

4th composite

The idea of Greek drapery

flowed into

an action/performance:

Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie

media x

It was Earth Day

cloud x jpg

I imagined clicking ‘like’ on a picture of a cat

cat light

and the cat saying


spare me

dark contrast xnew green


spare me…

full book x


Joseph Beuys

calming the


small face x

With an


of sound

no seriously spare me x


the simple act


perceiving vibrations

4 again


a white bed



 revolution anew

eye looking


obsolete paradigms



One of Joseph Beuys’ most powerful performances was Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie, performed May-June, 1969 in the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt, Germany for Experimenta 3: http://ropac.net/exhibition/iphigenie

eye looking

Iphigenia is a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology.

eye looking

Photographs of Joseph Beuys performance: Joseph Beuys foundation. Personal Beauty and Charm published by The Homemaker’s Encyclopedia Inc. 1952. I do not own the copyright any of these photographs. I have refashioned them under fair use provisions to create a new work for non-commercial purposes of parody or commentary.

eye lookingcloser up