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Ceremonial (homage to Six Days on the Road)

The road less taken, pupil of the eye, salt storm

Tarkovsky’s sparrow, wheel of resonance & reconstitution

Derelict horizon, toothpick sculpture, Joseph Beuys’ hat

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

More pet rock, more Jojo Rabbit

More The Ramones, more amnesia in blue fish

More candle flame within fossil-bed

More typewriter in fog

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

More icicle tattoo, more Pointillism, more maze

More reclined on golden lion sipping absinthe

More Byzantium, more obsidian telephone

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

More grasshoppers in her wondrous hair

More snow sharp as thumbnail, more invisible typhoon

more evidence of blossom, more tree root-rotting

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

O’ robe covered in black tar, O’ shadow like a cloak

O’ she spoke in truth, O’ I died in truth

O’ ironing board made of Noah’s ark

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

O’ heartbeat long for Jupiter, O’ broken thermometer

O’ heel on Beatle boots, O’ whispering, O’ dirty dishes

O’ blood on envelope, O’ cat staying out all night

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

Ceremonial aspirin, ceremonial clock-radio, ceremonial feet on floor

Ceremonial Dharmachakra, ceremonial embroidery

Ceremonial right from wrong

Six days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

Image: Wheel of Sun temple of Konarak World Heritage monument: Orissa, India

Guardian Spirit

His appearance gnarled & guardian spirit-like. Or she. Or it. My first blog posting since the computer crash left me with an uncooperative faded & dated tablet to work with. I found a recommended refurbished MAC store, across town, near where where I once walked the dog. The dog I haven’t seen in a long time. Circumstances change and life continues marching. Or standing there throughout four seasons with wooden round owlish eyes. Or sinking into the underground, the underworld, gnarled roots entertaining coincidence and circumstance. Blooming & shedding the bloom. Alarmed. Observant. Older. Amused. Walking the dog and not walking the dog.

Happy Mirror Day


Alternative ending:




Mona Ono / Yoko Lisa


Leonardo da Vinci
sits at the piano

mona ono 2

A Divining Rod of Ancient Silver Divining Twin Streams

blake jomon

A divining rod of ancient silver divining the outlines of the future


A divining rod of ancient silver divining channels between flowers


A divining rod of ancient silver divining the stone wheel of memory

film and granite

A divining rod of ancient silver divining the wind upon the fields

klee summer

A divining rod of ancient silver divining the moons beneath the city

giotto and russian pilot

A divining rod of ancient silver divining the roots of wisdom fruit

centre 2

A divining rod of ancient silver divining sea and Self, an ongoing dialogue between sea and Self

moon turin

A divining rod of ancient silver divining social collapse

fish street

A divining rod of ancient silver divining twin streams:

Pottery: the Jomon (縄文) Period (Japan, c. 12,000-300 BCE) and William Blake (1794) England.

Religious calendar art showing Jesus with children and the iconographic image of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevera.

Many years ago I did a printmaking project in an elementary school. One of the students made a print of (what I thought was) a Central or South American religious deity. I was intrigued with the clay pots or possibly drums. Then I realized I was looking at it upside down. How odd such a cartoon, reversed, depicts an altogether different creature. Nothing about the ‘accidental’ image reflected the student’s cultural heritage.

Photographic still from the B movie ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space.’ And the Pietà, Michelangelo’s great work, in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Angelus Novus by Swiss-German artist Paul Klee & the exquisite Donna Summer modelling a gown.

A painting by Giotto and a photograph of the parachuting Russian pilot whose jet was shot down by Turkey. Photographed before being shot, as he floated to earth, by terrorists allied with Turkey.

Digital configuration of Blake’s art + Jomon pottery.

Neil Armstrong Apollo 11 spacesuit & the Shroud of Turin.

Goldfish and residential street in Toronto.

Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie

personal beauty and charm joseph beuys edition

I wrote a line about beauty being the beginning of silence

a pyramid of soundlessness above a white bed

classic beauty page two

An intuitive synchronicity guided me

as I arranged unrelated

photographs of Joseph Beuys with a book from the 50s

4th composite

The idea of Greek drapery

flowed into

an action/performance:

Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie

media x

It was Earth Day

cloud x jpg

I imagined clicking ‘like’ on a picture of a cat

cat light

and the cat saying


spare me

dark contrast xnew green


spare me…

full book x


Joseph Beuys

calming the


small face x

With an


of sound

no seriously spare me x


the simple act


perceiving vibrations

4 again


a white bed



 revolution anew

eye looking


obsolete paradigms



One of Joseph Beuys’ most powerful performances was Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie, performed May-June, 1969 in the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt, Germany for Experimenta 3: http://ropac.net/exhibition/iphigenie

eye looking

Iphigenia is a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology.

eye looking

Photographs of Joseph Beuys performance: Joseph Beuys foundation. Personal Beauty and Charm published by The Homemaker’s Encyclopedia Inc. 1952. I do not own the copyright any of these photographs. I have refashioned them under fair use provisions to create a new work for non-commercial purposes of parody or commentary.

eye lookingcloser up

‘Fading in, Fading out, Dissolving’

aftersoilan anglesoil

Images juxtaposing a needle or vaccine with the idea of film credits rolling at the end of a love affair.

soilan anglesoilcollage-1 copysoilan anglesoil

A list of ingredients on a label on a jar. The love affair revisited as a series of scenes.

soilan anglesoilsunsoilan anglesoil

The body memory supercharged with moments of elation or conversely defeat, possibly reacting to the cure. Striving to achieve harmony.

soilan anglesoil

duosoilan anglesoil

Film As Art written by Rudolf Arnheim. Film als Kunst first published in 1932. A book of standards, a theory of film.

soilan anglesoildouble reflection

soilan anglesoiloverlookingsoilan anglesoil

In the chapter ‘Other Capacities of Film Technique’ a section: Fading in, Fading out, Dissolving. 

soilan anglesoildandelionsoilan anglesoil

Sometimes in order to avoid sudden appearance a picture is allowed to grow slowly out of the darkness, or to disappear in the same way.

soilan anglesoilcollage seven palesoilan anglesoil

 Fading in and fading out can be used to show people’s subjective perception; for instance, when a person is waking up or falling asleep.

soilan anglesoilwhen our love was fierce2soilan anglesoilconditions aresoilan anglesoil

for instance,

when a person is waking up

or falling asleep.

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NK 2

VCCA, February 14, 2009


The visual artist in the studio next door is knitting stainless steel and silk. She’s disabused now, she makes prints of clothes unraveling. A dark skein stained. She’s knitting up the sleeve of care.

NK 3

Electric ukelele down the hall! A white piano plays itself (we all do, here). It has no hands. The trombone-player has composed a piece starring an interstellar Po’ Boy. He slides us along. He sings us a valentine.


 I’m writing flash about my mother, while the writer on the other side of this white wall knits her long narrative of the Great Silk Road.  

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A Visual Poem by Steven McCabe

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The World Screened by John Oughton


The world through your window

is screened into rows of tiny cubes 

new 61

that means we can remake

the world by shifting them


a pure pane of sky shines

from the pine’s arthritic roots

new c

the library is strewn along the walk

which itself winds over


branches, bedrooms. Shadows of things start

elsewhere and cross where they might be cloud

new w

the pedestrian’s two left eyes

regard the sun strolling on her leash


as they move cube by cube over the clear blue lawn

her heart is (not is like) a bird


The World Screened was previously published in Time Slip (Guernica Editions, 2010). John Oughton is a Toronto poet with five books published, and a professor at Centennial College.

rrrrrI wanted to capture the sense of real/unreal within this poem’s surrealism. The piano motif relates to background music, or a composition, in which the poem seems to move… I juxtaposed pictorial elements playing off the poem’s (in part) bright, Miro-like mood as well as the more subtly expressed romantic, melancholy yearnings.