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Poem 111 by Leonard Cohen from ‘The Energy of Slaves’

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In the Streets Beneath the Ocean by John W. Sexton

global revelation


in the streets beneath the ocean

on her coral chair

the fishes whisper secrets

beneath her seaweed hair

she’s got a tumour in her head

that’s a glowing pearl

she’s a strange strange strange

underwater girl


bird sea

in the streets beneath the ocean

she combs her seaweed hair

the dolphins bring her children

that have drowned down there

and she makes them coats from sailors’ skin

gives them gold from sailors’ teeth

taken from the sunken ships

wrecked upon the reef

a manifestation


I caught her in a dream one time

or maybe she caught me

took me from my sleeping brain

into the deepest sea

gave me seven kisses

and seven cups of wine

promised me promised me

that she’d be mine

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