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To Such Belong the Kingdom of the Heavens: A Visual Essay on The 11th Hour of The 11th Day of The 11th Month (Remembrance Day)

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As I understand the accepted wisdom Jesus was a peacemaker. Reflecting upon Remembrance Day one cannot help but think of how children (and civilians) are affected by war. I have incorporated the biblical quotes/visual references into this digital essay as a way of contemplating the historical workings of religion towards war.

one four

‘Jesus however said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them; for it is to those who are childlike that the Kingdom of the Heavens belongs.’ – Weymouth New Testament, Matthew 19:14


‘Blessed are the Peacemakers…’ – Matthew 5:9


Images of Christ from the Ravenna Mosaics – a public domain image from Wikipedia Commons.


Credit: Photos of children from the online collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art released for non-commercial adaption. I have used images from the great photographers Ansel Adams, Walker Evans,  Johan Hayemeyer. If I have misunderstood the terms of conditions attached to these images I will remove the digital collages from online publication.



A Sequential Meditation, Concerning Two Images, With Variations

meditation 1

We saw the

Haunted expression

On her thin, young face,

Digging out books

Half-buried in the rubble

Of her neighbourhood.

meditation 3

Who did she lose?

meditation 7

We saw

News flashes from Ferguson,

Reviving memories

Of roots & branches in

Martin Luther King’s

Cascading & thunderous

 Vision of Love. 

meditation 9

We discover books as


Meaningful as Old Ideas & New Ideas,

Meaningful in texture and weight,

Fluttering like birds, singing or calling

Your name, her name.

meditation 10

We listened

To the bulletins from Palestine,

Remembering Martin Luther King’s

Historical analysis/ lack of paralysis,

A prophetic

Vision of Peace.

meditation 25

Pages lay motionless in the sun-drenched wind,

Their script fading to a whisper.

meditation 14

Heat and humidity envelop Little Dixie,

Chains click and rattle like ghosts,

An officer of the law/ empties his weapon/ into an unarmed man,

What has been done cannot be undone.

meditation 15

Plantation windows shutter shut,

She trembles, avoiding shards of glass.

meditation 12

The road is steep, leading to the fields,

Flowing with vanished olive groves.

meditation 16

She wears a paper-thin dress against danger from the sky.

meditation 18

“The arc of the moral universe is long

But it bends towards justice.”

meditation 28

The future rumbles

Like distant thunder,



A Vision of Justice.

Meditation 11 copy

She cups her hands,

Alabaster stars radiate,

In the cauldron,

Of an obsidian void.

meditation 25


The photograph of the Palestinian girl climbing over the rubble collecting her books was uncredited. The photographer of Martin Luther King is unknown to me. Upon discovery I will post the information. I do not own the rights to the original images. I have created new works for purposes of juxtaposition and commentary under fair use provisions.