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Double Vision

frame ho chi minh

The left hand and the right hand begin working,


Working to create double vision,

new fire h

 Perceptualizing the miracle, painting the town red.

einstein einstein

Shrouded within a shimmering portal, same as before,

frame john lennon

& Beneath the reflection a mirrored dream of innocence.

frame sample

In the innocence of mirrored images a mechanism round as a marble

frame hedy lamarr

Rises and falls. Shattering above twin, holy worlds. Same as before.

strawberries final

Within this terrible possibility perhaps lies the intrigue,

simone b

An intrigue beyond failure,

frame configuration black windows

Beyond the post-modern landscape any failure is a reassurance.

frame frames

The reassurance of a terrible possibility.

frame A Babel by Peter Brueghel the Elder

Mystery centres wrestle with the impending implosion,

frame technicians

Endeavoring round the clock using the latest technology,

frame latest technology

Such as sound in the centre of trees,

frame configuration white windows

Processing data, round as a marble,

frame ancient mirror

Rising like a feather in the breeze,

frame keystone cops

Until night with the force of an atomic blast

frame keystone B

 Arrives, inspiring the melancholy of the absurd, forever.

frame brueghel upsidd down

The images above were taken from the internet. I do not own the copyright and have recomposed them for purposes of non-commercial parody or commentary under fair use provisions. The personalities are Ho Chi Minh, Einstein’s brain, young John Lennon, actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, author Simon de Beauvoir, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s 16th Century painting Tower of Babel. Film stills are from The Keystone Cops. The mirror is Egyptian, from the 18th Century, held by the Brooklyn Museum. The computer scientist ‘unknown.’


finally wthis is true w

Physics again standing on its head

Physicists discovering an upside – down world

perhaps this wshe was w

The elementary particles comprising stars can leap

It seems

Across time (if there really is time) reappearing

And appearing in numerous locations at once

new star

The simultaneous stars stretching across infinity

Are one and the same

Projections of one star

multicoloured wfaded w

One star only we see here and there

As if altering as if shadowing our days and years

With a spectacularly aloof performance

deer what w

Like the lover

You just can’t forget

her face wbyzantinian

Previously published in my fourth book of poetry Hierarchy of Loss (Ekstasis Editions 2007)

and ink sketch

 Digital art based on an ink sketch in my moleskin sketchbook.


The World Screened by John Oughton


The world through your window

is screened into rows of tiny cubes 

new 61

that means we can remake

the world by shifting them


a pure pane of sky shines

from the pine’s arthritic roots

new c

the library is strewn along the walk

which itself winds over


branches, bedrooms. Shadows of things start

elsewhere and cross where they might be cloud

new w

the pedestrian’s two left eyes

regard the sun strolling on her leash


as they move cube by cube over the clear blue lawn

her heart is (not is like) a bird


The World Screened was previously published in Time Slip (Guernica Editions, 2010). John Oughton is a Toronto poet with five books published, and a professor at Centennial College.

rrrrrI wanted to capture the sense of real/unreal within this poem’s surrealism. The piano motif relates to background music, or a composition, in which the poem seems to move… I juxtaposed pictorial elements playing off the poem’s (in part) bright, Miro-like mood as well as the more subtly expressed romantic, melancholy yearnings.

K.C. by Steven McCabe

boy and space 2

boy in space

Seeing the unseen between my eyes and outer space

new eye space

I was a boy painting my sparkling new bicycle

With house paint

now this

Squinting in the shade of a sunflower

Wiping soil and lumps of melted star off the brush

the sumerian flower

Aiming for that white-as-a-skeleton-invisible-sky-hourglass

Concept of two gods becoming one

sumerian lad

Me and my bicycle at the intersection –

Red lights fading my pupils dilated

triptych 2eye seven

from Jawbone – Ekstasis Editions – 2005

When I was a boy in Kansas City, one summer, I studied the sky. It was a dull white far off in the distance, and yet up close ‘it’ was invisible. So it dawned on me to paint my new bicycle white; up close the bicycle would be invisible, at a distance everything would seem normal. My mother was more than happy to keep me busy and found the paint and a couple of large brushes. I threw myself into the task, painting the seat, the chain, the handlebars…everything! Sadly the next day the paint flaked off and my experiment failed. Several decades later I was reading a creation myth about two gods battling in the sky. One god lost a foot to a sharp knife and black ‘blood’ (night of course) filled the sky. I remembered painting the bicycle, and decided to harmonize both ‘sky’ narratives, intertwining them in a poem. My editor reviewed my work and, being a minimalist, took out her pen; underlining, crossing out, and circling lines. In the end I had a nine line poem.