A Bridge Out of Limbo

a6common scene

& When you think of who you are,


The deep waters rising about you, within you,

a19wild blue gash

& Within you, who you are, symbols embedded within & upon a book of code,

a13green ball 6green ball 6green ball 6

Like a stamp or seal upon a document, & you swim through the hollow and the false,

a4icy wind

Bearing metaphorical code,


& When you think of who you are and what you have delivered, you realize


The brave are still within us,


& Your metaphor is reality, holding fast to your sense of balance, carrying out your mission,

a20common scene

& You never venture from your footing upon this precipice,


& your children walk upon dry land.

a7wild blue gasha5

U.S. Naval Archives Photo # 80-G-238786: USS San Jacinto steaming with USS Lexington in the Mariana (Islands) area, 13 June 1944.


My father was on active duty aboard the San Jacinto (foreground aircraft carrier) when this photo was taken. I remember him as a young man, remembering also transferred memories… physical and emotional, memories flowing like water. I was thinking about DNA as well as the memory within, and of, water. In the back of my mind I was thinking about Berta Cáceres. The work she did with water. Her radiant identification with Mother Earth, the Mothership, and the water running through Her veins.

Berta Caceres stands at the Gualcarque River in the Rio Blanco region of western Honduras where she, COPINH (the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) and the people of Rio Blanco have maintained a two year struggle to halt construction on the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric project, that poses grave threats to local environment, river and indigenous Lenca people from the region.green ball 6green ball 6green ball 6