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Month: January, 2014

One Stanza from the Poem Arcadia by Sir Philip Sydney (1554-1586)

sir three

For she, whose parts maintainde a perfect musique,

Whose beautie shin’de more then the blushing morning,

Who much did passe in state the stately mountaines,

in straightnes past the Cedars of the forrests,

Hath cast me wretch into eternall evening,

By taking her two Sunnes from these dark vallies.

sir sir

Or to approach this romantic doldrum from another angle:

Hath cast me into a perfect musique…

new or

Words Upon His Stone: Hoofbeats at Drumcliff Churchyard

fresco 1

Cast a cold eye
On life, on death,
Horseman, pass by!

Fresco 12Fresco 12 aFresco cfresco dfingerprinting

 Irish poet William Butler Yeats

June 13, 1865 – January 28, 1939


Horseman, pass by!

this ground

Horseman, pass by!

pale umbrella

abstracted painting blended

with arcane images

of ancient Egypt

suggesting influences

of the esoteric

and modernism



paler shade of

public domain Egyptology image: Internet Archive

painting  2003  S. McCabe

my painting

Your Love Should Never Be Offered… by Hafiz

final sketch two Hspacer 1spacer 1spacer 1

Your love
Should never be offered to the mouth of a stranger,

iced in H

Only to someone who has the valor and daring
To cut pieces of their soul off with a knife

final sketch two Hspacer 1spacer 1spacer 1
Then weave them into a blanket
To protect you.

iced in H

Hafiz (or Hafez) a Persian poet: 1325 – 1390.

I find the vivid imagery in his poem, in a sense, circular.

Which explains my use of repeated images.

While addressing his echo across the centuries.

dimly copyspacer 1spacer 1spacer 1dimly copy

Titles of Five Poems by Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542) Who Introduced the Sonnet into English and was Imprisoned in the Tower of London for Alleged Adultery with Anne Boleyn.


The Lover Compareth His State to a Shippe

in Perilous Storme Tossed on the Sea

she is therer copy

The Lover Sheweth How He Is Forsaken of Such

as He Sometime Enjoyed

wall paintingmiddle aged(s)

Ys Yt Possible

medieval grains

What shulde I saye

lost love texture

The Lover Complayneth the Unkindness of His Love

in the villages

Biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Wyatt_(poet)

new 1new threee

neww fournew fade

‘Three Pots for the Poorhouse’ Action by Joseph Beuys

f ball storynew whitelg new city orbm

Poetic testimony a’shifting 

mother barely

 threadbare stirring

peas & porridge nine days old in the pot



golden vibrations overflow



three places

the oak  the stag


e ball

  Black and white images influenced by readings of Ferdinand the Bull as a child

Ferdinand’s delight inhaling perfumed flowers beneath a gnarly tree

papery Spanish ink ascribing metamorphosis to performance 

  in emanations of the ancient, kinetically flowing spine

in rainfall of visionary code addressing wounds

strenuous chalking of shamanic timelines

 body politic of dreamtime silence

battery pack wire testimony

pale butcher’s twine

binding frayed


mountain road

June 10, 1974

 Edinburgh, Scotland

three pots

Joseph Beuys:

Blackboards and drawings of pots from

Three Pots for the Poorhouse Action

Photo credit: Richard Demarco


finally wthis is true w

Physics again standing on its head

Physicists discovering an upside – down world

perhaps this wshe was w

The elementary particles comprising stars can leap

It seems

Across time (if there really is time) reappearing

And appearing in numerous locations at once

new star

The simultaneous stars stretching across infinity

Are one and the same

Projections of one star

multicoloured wfaded w

One star only we see here and there

As if altering as if shadowing our days and years

With a spectacularly aloof performance

deer what w

Like the lover

You just can’t forget

her face wbyzantinian

Previously published in my fourth book of poetry Hierarchy of Loss (Ekstasis Editions 2007)

and ink sketch

 Digital art based on an ink sketch in my moleskin sketchbook.


Dowsing for Ley Lines: A Theatrical Production

van goghs lines

The beasts of the forest

Wishing us well

night  2focus

In poemimage May 2012 a Rilke poem using the image below. I happened upon it today & considered: Is this figure dancing or dowsing. The title came to me while manipulating layers in Photoshop. A wee ditty followed soon after.


Additional image:

van gogh yellow

Bukowski and Blake Investigate

cabaretlemon fieldsvolcanic icenewspaperto pass throughvolga riverrain2night onthick as bloodwingedsphericalbb

Speculation into the investigation:

An inked manuscript penned by sure hand,

billowing dark Satanic mills,

a winged and weightless choir,

shadow of a blooming oak

across the bowling alley,

7 – Eleven coffee to go,

shoes with blinking lights.

Bukowski’s Bluebird and Blake’s Tyger

in performance.



Revolution 9 by The Beatles


0:00 – 0:56


0:56 – 1:12


1:12 – 2:10


2:10 – 3:06

9x copy

3:06 – 4:02


4:02 – 4:58


4:58 – 5:54


5:54 – 6:50


6:50 – 7:46


7:46 – 8:23

9detail 9





You can silently enjoy

the Beatle’s sound collage

Revolution 9

by  following the time code

between images


(a Dada/Fluxus action)


this link


the full

eight minutes +

of inspired mayhem

on their White Album:



within five years

The Beatles traveled artistically

and sonically

from I Want to Hold Your Hand


Dada / surreal poetry

and a psychedelia infused with literary and cinematic


As 2014 begins

you may find yourself

beginning or ending


into or out of

cyclical spheres.


a comet.


comet #9.

I don't know