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Month: February, 2015

A Golden Compass by Hafiz

circular contrasta

Forget every idea of right and wrong
any classroom ever taught you


an empty heart, a tormented mind,
Unkindness, jealousy and fear are always the testimony
you have been completely fooled!

mountedbecause 2a face

Turn your back on those
who would imprison your wondrous spirit
with deceit and lies.

new territoryabc 10a

Come, join the honest company
of the King’s beggars –
those gamblers, scoundrels and divine clowns
and those astonishing fair courtesans
who need Divine Love every night.

reflectionas twilightxbecause 2

Come, join the courageous
who have no choice
but to bet their entire world
that indeed,
indeed, God is Real.

discsa windowin contemplation

I will lead you into the circle
of the Beloved’s cunning thieves,
those playful royal rogues–
the ones you can trust for true guidance–
who can aid you
In this blessed calamity of life.

blue montagetwin sketcha face

Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

xbecause 2double facedouble facedouble faceside view 2



I read a quote by art critic Robert Hughes comparing painters: There is more death in a Gustave Courbet portrait of a trout than Rubens could get in a whole Crucifixion…

detail d

Then I heard a song by an artist we saw in concert. Who spun magic, jewelled webs we fell into after chasing each other through twilight circumstance. Twilight and traffic.

detail d fade

 The labyrinth ruled by Janus one level below.


The shadows jousting on the street didn’t remind me of your fingertips, or your January dancing, or your honeyed cake.

detail b

I didn’t make that joke in the elevator.


Carried, like some tragic Pieta, into the stream. The playing of a wooden flute sounding in the reeds. My hands flat against your skin. The temperature slipping.


Forbidden music within your temple as quiet and still as polished stones. Awash in the fragrance of whispered moments. As shiny as a silver bracelet, a tunnel, a hook.

detail d

I’m not even sure I heard anything.

detail c

Did such music ever exist.


I’ve never wondered how my fine shoes, sewn of ancient parchment & soft as a silk purse, got so wet.

detail a

Nor have I contemplated Gustave Courbet’s

detail d


detail d fade

Or the absence of all that is not

detail d faded twice


detail fade

While gazing into the eye of the fish,

future detail four

A future sun.

future detail threejanus fish

Credits for original images: The Trout by Gustave Courbet, 1873. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958, based on the play by Tennessee Williams starring Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor. Skyscraper and Tunnels by Italian Futurist painter Fortunato Depero, 1930. Pieta by Michelangelo.


I do not own the original images or claim copyright. I have created new images for non-commercial purposes of commentary under Fair Use provisions of copyright law.




I Thought the Name of the Movie was ‘American Piper.’

new front

I thought the name of the movie was ‘American Piper.’

contrastgradient edge

Standing beside me in line was Enheduanna, Daughter of King Sargon:


A Princess, Poet, and Priestess from 4400 years ago.

writhing green

With a serpent coiled around her arm and holding a clay tablet

disc at nightgreen brown

Inscribed & encoded with cuneiform script.

disc detaillook

As tall as me and bathed in moonlight.

compositionxdisc at night

I said ‘What are you doing here?’

filmgradient solo

She said, ‘I’m not here for the entertainment.’


We were suddenly engulfed in a sandstorm.

disc overdisc overdisc over

Vast, rolling hill-clouds of sand, engorged with heat, arose enclosing muffled sounds.

gravel floorgradient edge

A harsh wind blew into my eyes.

snake songxdisc at night

I tried to grip her hand as she vanished and knew instinctively this was a mistake.

montaged layer

My finger grazed her palm and the cut I received refuses to heal.


I wake to find it encompassed within rings of moonlight. I wish I could say it was only a haze.

gradient diagonal

I never did see the movie and from what I hear the screen was half-buried.

new circle

Like a drive-in theatre in a snowstorm that stops all life from moving.


Snow falling as white as moonlight.


Melting and rushing water in the spring overflowing the oceans.

disc final designa lamplit procession

Banishment from Ur

You asked me to enter the holy cloister,
The giparu,
and I went inside, I the high priestess
I carried the ritual basket and sang
Your praise.
Now I am banished among the lepers.
Even I cannot live with you.
Shadows approach the light of day, the light
Is darkened around me,
Shadows approach the daylight,
Covering the day with sandstorm.
My soft mouth of honey is suddenly confused.
My beautiful face is dust.

disc final design

Information and images concerning Enheduanna: http://www.transoxiana.org/0108/roberts-enheduanna.html


Pied Piper (Public Domain) image source: Ginn and Company The Common School Catalogue (Boston, MA: Ginn & Company Publishers, 1906)

for detailgradient solo

Russian Orthodox Icon painted on wood: Artist unattributed (found on internet). The idea of using this image was inspired by the long history of Eastern Rites Churches in lands comprising modern day Iraq. A protective mother with her sacred child.

123oval procession

 I do not claim ownership or copyright of the original images used as source material to digitally create new works of my own design for non-commercial purposes of commentary under Fair Use provisions of the copyright law.

snake song

Like the satire in ancient, Irish poetry this ‘whimsy’ I have concocted may express a darker indictment.

sprig and coindisc final designsprig and coingradient edge


& Walk

fish oils copy

Walk into this land of echoes, rising, from long disappeared passages &

old road

Pounding with the resonance of a single, surging heartbeat.

grey scale2bowl on linen

& Step lightly into, like a fox beneath the moon,

zeusian twoveil of

Or the hunting bird, balanced, upon a branch pulsing,

with bowl

& Heavy clouds damping electrical skies.

skyward 2

& Shaking berries into a bowl,

dusk bowlbowl on linen

Sharing handfuls bed to bed,

faded ampersand

 A nurse tending to the wound.


The rhythm of & clapping hands,

hello againfaded ampersand

Two Palms, pressing deeply & into a lover.

her againbowl on linen

& Feet upon a curving world, arcing night into day,

fish oils copy

Timelessly vanished into a pulsing desire & always

old road

Echoes dress the wound.

grey scale2bowl on linen

A heartbeat washing the sky &

zeusian twoveil of

A vanishing moon, poured into bowls & delivered bed to bed.

with bowl

& Walk pulsing,

skyward 2

& Walk always,

dusk bowl

& Walk into.

bowlbowlfaded ampersand

Source material for digital collage:

Etching No 2. Soft ground etching by German landscape painter and etcher Franz Joseph Manskirsch (1768-1830).

Ancient Egyptian tomb art. Unknown artist. est. 2000 B.C.

Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, 1508-1512

Mesopotamian Incantation Bowl, 8th Century, photo Christies.

veil of

I do not claim copyright ownership of original images. I have created new images for non-commercial purposes of commentary or parody under fair use provisions of the copyright law.

with bowlfaded ampersand