‘Three Pots for the Poorhouse’ Action by Joseph Beuys

f ball storynew whitelg new city orbm

Poetic testimony a’shifting 

mother barely

 threadbare stirring

peas & porridge nine days old in the pot



golden vibrations overflow



three places

the oak  the stag


e ball

  Black and white images influenced by readings of Ferdinand the Bull as a child

Ferdinand’s delight inhaling perfumed flowers beneath a gnarly tree

papery Spanish ink ascribing metamorphosis to performance 

  in emanations of the ancient, kinetically flowing spine

in rainfall of visionary code addressing wounds

strenuous chalking of shamanic timelines

 body politic of dreamtime silence

battery pack wire testimony

pale butcher’s twine

binding frayed


mountain road

June 10, 1974

 Edinburgh, Scotland

three pots

Joseph Beuys:

Blackboards and drawings of pots from

Three Pots for the Poorhouse Action

Photo credit: Richard Demarco