So much depends upon…

by Steven McCabe

a wheelbarrow 1

Like a certain famous red wheel barrow

three watery wagons

so much depends


upon the red



snowy brush

My brothers decided to light up a tree. Not sure how much damage the (few) matches did to the knobby crevice where the unfortunate had, seemingly, been struck once upon a time by lightning. Nevertheless, our father, with an abundance of caution ordered buckets of water to make sure the riverbank didn’t burn. Perhaps to teach a lesson, perhaps out of a respect for fire, he kept the buckets coming. Eventually my brothers tired and remembered the wheel had been invented. Wheels and fire. And for whatever reason, like the wheel barrow for William Carlos Williams, much depends upon the red wagon.

touchof skye

Photo of the wagon from the internet, copyright unknown, used non commercially to refashion a new work for purposes of commentary.