In a Time of Anchors

by Steven McCabe

First I called it Love in a Time of Anchors then took out Love. Ink, gouache, watercolour on paper softly textured 11″ X 16″ curving at the edges maybe it’s drawing paper

A sleeping moon a sleeping resting or ill or exhausted a dreaming lion

A princess or insect an angel or song within the egg or idea of the egg

Flight illumination distance

First this fellow was hyena-like advancing as I focused with my brush on where his feet met the ground he transformed into more of a quizzical assured creature

 Reaching into it all with a long arm balancing a queen and her child is who do you know I wonder who

Child reaches curiously exploring as portions of a Giotto sky flow into him she is like a medieval monument

An anchor in the title studied by a rabbit itself medieval manuscript illumination-like

More of a psychic landscape than realistic depiction of the external world reconfigured in perhaps symbolic relationships an interlocking dream-like puzzle

There was an emotional component to this I know where that came from in

Flight illumination distance